Smart door lock safety guide is released to guide the development of industry norms

2018-12-14 15:08:00

The smart door lock industry is gradually moving towards safety regulations. Digitalization of buildings and residential areas, organized by the National Intelligent Building and Residential Area Digital Standards Technical Committee (SAC/TC 426), at the 2018 Interconnected Partner Conference on “Smart City and Cross-Border Integration” held on December 12th The guidelines for the application of intelligent door lock security have been officially released.

This intelligent door lock safety guide is a smart door lock safety standard organized by the National Intelligence Committee. More than 50 enterprises and institutions in the intelligent door lock industry chain have participated in the compilation, and proposed a system security architecture and intelligent door for smart door locks. Lock terminal security, smart key security, cloud service platform security, client security, communication security, security grading methods, etc., are applicable to the design and manufacture of intelligent door locks, manufacturing, management and application systems.

In recent years, China's smart door lock market has developed and competition is fierce. As of June 2018, the number of smart door lock manufacturers in China has exceeded 1,500, with more than 3,500 brands. In 2017, smart locks sold more than 7 million units and are expected to double this year. Due to the lack of uniform security standards in the smart lock industry, the disorderly competition in the smart lock market has been caused to a certain extent, which has damaged the rights and interests of users. The release of the intelligent door lock safety guide is expected to guide the positive development of the industry.

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